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Store Policy

Customer Care

These books should be cherieshed for a lifetime and shared with family and friends. Please be aware that your child will enjoy this story and excessive reading and handling may cause damage and ware. If this happens, just buy another. We would hate for their shelf to go without.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is of the highest importance to us and we don't take it lightly. Your email is solely property of the Logan & Lucky team. We don't spam or sell information. We do not warehouse, save or even see your banking information. All payments are processed through third party institutions. Feel comforted that our only interest is to keep awesome books on your shelf.

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale opportunities are available. Please reach out via the contact page and provide detail regarding your retail outlet, operations and interest in carrying our series. We look forward to learning about you and possibly partnering in the future!

Communities & Classroom

We love our communities and our teachers so. We are happy to partner with non-profits and their journey to promote reading proficiency, where possible. We know teachers would LOVE this book as a class set. These options are available and plentiful. Please reach out via our contact page with specific questions and needs.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

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